Friday, June 22, 2012

Johnny English costumes and Reborn props on display...

James Bond is not the only international spy to be exported from the U.K., although Rowan Atkinson's 'Johnny English' is much more farce than thriller.

Original props from Johhny English Reborn on display
Johnny English Reborn movie props
Johnny English Reborn movie props
Johnny English Reborn MI-7 ID prop
Johnny English Reborn key prop
Johnny English Reborn movie props
First debuting on the big screen in 2003, a the accidental MI-7 secret agent returned for a sequel in Johnny English Reborn in 2011.

Johnny English Reborn movie poster
Johnny English Reborn movie poster
These props featured in the second cinematic installment were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 26, 2012.

Johnny English Reborn lipstick gun prop
Johnny English Reborn lipstick gun prop
Johnny English Reborn lipstick gun prop
Included in the exhibit is Johnny's MI-7 I.D. card, the key to Vortex's (a clandestine cabal of assassins) secret weapon, plus more besides. My favorite prop is the cool lipstick gun used by a mind-controlled Johnny in an attempt to kill the Chinese Premier.
Original costumes worn by Rowan Atkinson 
and John Malkovich in Johnny English
Johnny English movie costumes
Johnny English movie costume
John Malkovich Johnny English movie costume
On a return visit to the London Film Museum on May 15, 2012, I also had the good fortune to see these suits designed by Jill Taylor and worn by Rowan Atkinson as the titular 'Johnny English' and John Malkovich as 'Pascal Sauvage' (which I'd previously seen behind a display case on a prior visit).

Original newspaper prop from Johnny English
Johnny English newspaper prop
They also had this newspaper prop on display from the first spy spoof film, which I believe is on sale from

If you're a Rowan Atkinson fan, be sure to also check out this Mr. Bean movie costume and car on display.

Johnny English movie poster
Johnny English movie poster
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  1. Jason, I'm one of the few that liked he first movie in the US. Haven't seen the sequel, but the lipstick gun looks cool. nice props.
    - Maurice Mitchell
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