Saturday, February 11, 2012

Betty White's Grandma Bunny outfit from You Again...

In the 2010 comedy You Again, Kristen Bell discovers the girl who made her life hell in high school is engaged to her brother. Betty White plays her 'Grandma Bunny' in the movie and this is the outfit she wears to the wedding party (which is also featured on the movie poster).

Wedding outfit worn by Betty White
as Grandma Bunny in You Again
Betty White You Again wedding outfitBetty White You Again costumeBetty White You Again outfitBetty White You Again costumeYou Again Grandma Bunny costume
This costume from The Walt Disney Archives was designed by Genevieve Tyrrell and was photographed on display at Disney Studios in Burbank on December 30, 2011.

Be sure to also check out another outfit worn by Betty White in the movie, plus Kristen Bell's Gators mascot costume from You Again.

You Again movie poster
You Again movie poster
Watch the movie: You Again

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