Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rowan Atkinson's costume from Mr. Bean's Holiday...

Following a successful comedy series on British television screens, Rowan Atkinson's 'Mr. Bean' graduated to the big screen, in not one, but two cinematic outings. This outfit on display at the London Film Museum on January 25, 2011 is from the second movie installment from 2007, which follows Mr. Bean's misadventures on holiday in France.

Costume worn by Rowan Atkinson in Mr. Bean's Holiday
Mr Bean movie suitMr Bean and Ali G movie costumes
Pierre-Yves Gayraud was Costume Designer on the movie and you can also see his costumes in The Bourne Identity.

The costume to the right of Mr. Bean's is from another British comedy movie, Ali G InDaHouse, worn by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Mr. Bean's Holiday movie poster
Mr Bean's Holiday poster
Be sure to also check out Mr. Bean's Mini movie car on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Plus if you're a fan of Rowan Atkinson, check out more original costumes from Johnny English on display.

UPDATED: Here's another look at Mr. Bean's suit from a return visit to the museum on May 15, 2012.
Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean costume

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