Sunday, May 22, 2011

Original Super 8 movie costumes on display...

J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg's new sci-fi thriller, Super 8, may still be shrouded in mystery, but ArcLight Hollywood, ArcLight Pasadena and the Cinerama Dome all had costume displays to help fuel fan excitement for the new movie.
Original costumes from Super 8 on display
Super 8 movie costume display
Original Super 8 movie costumesSuper 8 Elle Fanning costume
Super 8 Cary movie costume
Joel Courtney Super 8 Joe costume
Super 8 Charles movie costume
Super 8 Martin movie costumeSuper 8 Louis movie costumeSuper 8 movie costumes
Apparently the movie is set in 1979 and follows the events of a group of children making a Super 8 movie when they witness a mysterious train crash in a small Ohio town. The plot and storyline are hard to discern at this time, but amidst the secrecy there are rumblings about some kind of alien being transported on that train, which leads to all kinds of creepy phenomenon happening around their home town.
Super 8 movie billboard
Super 8 movie billboard
I'm told that dust was added to the child actors clothing for these exhibits to make them more dirty and look more authentic to how they appear in the movie.

Costume worn by Elle Fanning as Alice in Super 8
Elle Fanning Super 8 Alice film costumeSuper 8 Elle Fanning Alice movie costumeElle Fanning Super 8 Alice movie costumeElle Fanning Super 8 movie costume
This outfit is worn by Elle Fanning as 'Alice' in the movie and I believe the pearl necklace and handbag are from a scene where they are filming their homemade movie.

Costume worn by Ron Eldard as Louis in Super 8
Super 8 Louis movie costumeSuper 8 Louis bloody movie costume
Super 8 Louis film costume
Ron Eldard Super 8 Louis movie costume
You'll currently find this costume worn by Ron Eldard as 'Louis', who I believe is Elle Fanning character's on screen dad, upstairs at the ArcLight Hollywood cinema.
Charles costume worn by Riley Griffiths in Super 8
Super 8 Charles movie outfitCharles Super 8 movie costumeSuper 8 Charles movie costume
Most of the young actors are unknowns or relative newcomers, so at this moment I simply know their screen names and not how integral each character is to the overall story.

Costume worn by Ryan Lee as Cary in Super 8
Super 8 Cary movie costumeSuper 8 Cary film costumeSuper 8 Cary costume necklaceCary Super 8 Ryan Lee costume
Ha Nguyen is responsible for the late 70's era Costume Design in the movie.

Movie costume worn by Joel Courtney as Joe in Super 8
Super 8 Joe movie costumeJoe movie costume Super 8Super 8 Joe film costumeJoe Super 8 film costume

Costume worn by Zach Mills as Preston in Super 8
Super 8 Preston movie costume
Super 8 Preston movie costume
Zach Mills Super 8 Preston costume
These costumes were photographed at the ArcLight Hollywood on May 20, 2011.

Costume worn by Gabriel Basso as Martin in Super 8
Super 8 Martin movie costumeSuper 8 Martin costume tie
Gabriel Basso Super 8 Martin costume
These cool movie costumes have piqued my interest even more, so I cant wait to see this new movie when it open on June 10, 2011.

Super 8 movie poster
Super 8 movie poster
If you're a J.J. Abrams fan be sure to also check out these original movie costumes and props from his Star Trek re-boot.

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