Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox stop-motion animation models and set on display...

Roald Dahl's children's story Fantastic Mr. Fox has been adapted and brought to life in a wonderful stop-motion animation film in 2009 by Wes Anderson.

Stop-motion Science Lab set from Fantastic Mr. Fox
Fantastic Mr Fox animation model set
The story revolves around the cunning and smooth 'Mr. Fox' (voiced by George Clooney) as he tries to outwit his farmer neighbours by stealing their food from right under their noses (against the wishes of his wife 'Mrs. Fox', voiced by Meryl Streep).

Fantastic Mr. Fox movie poster
Fantastic Mr Fox poster
These photographs were taken at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on Friday November 13, 2009, the day the film opened in L.A.

Fantastic Mr. Fox stop-motion animation
model display at ArcLight Hollywood
Fantastic Mr Fox film stop-motion animation models
Stop-motion animation models from Fantastic Mr Fox
This is the colourful stop-motion set for the School Chemistry Science Lab scene which features the son of Mr. Fox, 'Ash' (far left), his female lab partner 'Agnes', his cousin 'Kristofferson' and 'Beaver's son', who is the class bully.

Children character models from Fantastic Mr. Fox
Science Lab set Fantastic Mr Fox film
Fantastic Mr Fox chemistry lab model set
In this scene in the movie, whilst Ash tries to complete a chemistry experiment, Agnes is distracted by handsome newcomer, Kristofferson and Beaver's son tries to ruin the science experiment.

'Ash' and 'Agnes' animation models
Fantastic Mr Fox science lab models
Ash and Agnes from Fantastic Mr Fox movie

'Kristofferson' and 'Beaver's son' animation models
Fantastic Mr Fox Kristofferson model

'Ash' movie poster from Fantastic Mr. Fox
Ash Fantastic Mr Fox film poster
The voice of Kristofferson is voiced by the Director, Wes Anderson's, real-life brother, Eric Anderson, Ash is voiced by Jason Schwartzman and Agnes by Juman Malouf.

The animation in the movie has a rough, edgy 'old-fashioned' quality, but the models and sets are still extremely detailed and intricate, even down to the exterior of the Science Lab set.

Original Chemistry Lab set from Fantastic Mr. Fox
Chemistry lab set exterior Fantastic Mr Fox
Fantastic Mr Fox movie school chemistry lab set
Fantastic Mr Fox film animation models
All the test-tubes in the Lab are filled with different coloured fruit jelly so that they wouldn't evaporate over time.

In addition the posters on the classroom walls are all translucent so that they would light up when shooting the scene.

Actual Fantastic Mr. Fox film set and models
Fantastic Mr Fox stop-motion animation models
Fantastic Mr Fox animation models
Finally, enjoy this short video clip of this actual set and models from Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Fantastic Mr. Fox movie poster
Fantastic Mr Fox movie poster
Buy the original Roald Dahl book in the USA: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Buy the movie soundtrack in the USA: Fantastic Mr. Fox (Original Soundtrack)


  1. Awesome pics, man. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks and my pleasure. It was amazing to see these models and then watch the film.

    Makes you appreciate how much work goes in to a movie like this!


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