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Top picks from Prop Store's live auction of film and TV memorabilia...

By now you should know I'm a huge fan of seeing original movie and television costumes, props and paraphenalia on display. I'm always asked if I own all the costumes and props I feature on this blog, but sadly no I'm not a collector, although looking through Prop Store's latest catalogue from their upcoming live auction on September 23, 2015, there are many items I would snap up in a heartbeat if funds allowed. The auction will feature memorabilia from the worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean and more besides, but here's some of the fantastic pieces that really caught my eye whilst browsing the extensive auction catalogue.

Commodus arena costume worn by Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator
Joaquin Phoenix Commodus arena costume Gladiator
Commodus Gladiator arena costume back
First up is the unique arena costume worn by Joaquin Phoenix as 'Commodus' in Ridley Scott's 2000 Roman Empire epic Gladiator.

Janty Yates was the Oscar-winning Costume Designer on the film and if you're a fan of the movie, be sure to also check out another Commodus costume, his throne and more Gladiator costumes photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

This show-stopping ceremonial Roman Emperor costume is expected to sell for between £15,000-£20,000.

Original Fizzgig puppet from The Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal Fizzgig puppet
Fizzgig puppet The Dark Crystal
Next up is the actual 'Fizzgig' puppet used in Frank Oz and Jim Henson's 1982 fantasy movie The Dark Crystal, one of my favourite guilty pleasures.

Fizzgig is the loyal companion of the film's Gelfling heroine 'Kira' and joins her and fellow Gelfling, 'Jen', on their quest to find the missing shard of the magical crystal.

This wonderful ball of fur was designed by Brian Froud, who also worked on Jim Henson's equally spellbinding Labyrinth film, and this screen-used puppet can be yours for £8,000-£10,000.

Guenevere gown worn by Cherie Lunghi in Excalibur
Cherie Lunghi Guenevere Excalibur gown
Guenevere Excalibur gown embroidered cuff
Guenevere Excalibur movie costume
Back in May 2011, I was able to check out some of Terry English's armour from 1981 Arthurian Medieval fantasy Excalibur at the London Film Museum, so this original gown worn by Cherie Lunghi as 'Guenevere' in the movie certainly caught my eye browsing the catalogue.

The legendary Bob Ringwood (Batman, Dune, Troy) was Costume Designer on the movie and this dress could be yours for £2,000-£3,000.

Uhura and Spock Starfleet costumes
from TV's Star Trek: The Original Series
Nichelle Nichols Uhura Starfleet dress Star Trek
Leonard Nimoy Spock Starfleet uniform Star Trek
Meanwhile fans of Star Trek will no doubt go crazy for these next two costumes, worn by Nichelle Nichols as 'Uhura' and Leonard Nimoy as 'Spock' in the iconic original 1960s star-spanning series.

Up for grabs are Uhura's red female communications officer miniskirt dress and Spock's blue science officer Starfleet uniform, designed by William Ware Theiss, plus more Star Trek memorabilia from the various TV shows and movies.

Uhura's classic costume is expected to sell for £20,000-£30,000, whilst Spock's uniform for £50,000-£70,000, especially following Leonard Nimoy's passing in February earlier this year.

Costume worn by Louise Jameson as Leela in Doctor Who
Louise Jameson Leela costume Doctor Who
Louise Jameson Leela Doctor Who costume
Leela costume back Doctor Who
Next up is a real gem for all Whovians out there, the savage alien warrior costume worn by Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Companion, 'Leela', from the classic 1978 'The Invasion of Time' episodes.

Louise Jameson's leather outfit was considered skimpy at the time, but kept the dads watching, and I believe was designed by John Bloomfield.

One thing I wish they'd do in the new era of Doctor Who is to introduce an alien Companion or two for the time-traveler.

This original leather mini-dress costume, complete with replica knife and scabbard, could join your Doctor Who collection for £12,500-£15,000.

The auction also features other pieces from the 50-year-old British science fiction show, and if you're a fellow Whovian, be sure to also enjoy all these costumes, props, monsters and aliens on display at the Doctor Who Experience exhibition.

Superman film costume worn by Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve Superman movie costume
Christopher Reeve underwater Superman tunic
Next up is an instantly recognizable costume which needs little introduction. This superheroic tunic was apparently worn by Christopher Reeve in Richard Donner's 1978 classic Superman for underwater scenes when 'Lex Luther' drops the hero into a pool wearing a Kryptonite necklace.

The film's Costume Designer was Yvonne Blake, obviously inspired by the DC Comics character created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in 1933.

To own this piece of cinematic history will cost you £25,000-£30,000.

Thing prosthetic head appliance
worn by Michael Chiklis from Fantastic Four
Michael Chiklis Thing prosthetic head Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four Thing prosthetic head
And finally from my favourites, lots of people moan and groan about the 2005's big screen adaptation of the Fantastic Four, but I still enjoyed seeing Marvel's first family being brought to life in their debut cinematic outing (that was released, that is).

This head appliance worn by Michael Chiklis as the ever lovin' blue-eyed 'Thing' looks eerily life-like and personally I much preferred this movie look to the new CGI version in Josh Trank's horrible Fantastic 4 reboot.

This prosthetic makeup head is a steal for FF fans at £600-£800.

If you like this collection of costumes, props and prosthetics, be sure to check out even more amazing items up for sale in Prop Store's live auction online catalogue and for all the details of when, where and how you can buy these TV and movie treasures.

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