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Men's Halloween costume inspiration for 2015 from the big and small screen...

Halloween is around seven weeks away so it's time to put some thought into what you'll be wearing, or which character you'll be becoming, for the annual festivities. This weekend in my neighbourhood I saw some people working on their costumes for West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval in their garage, so if you need some extra inspiration and ideas, check out these men's movie and TV costumes I've spied on my travels these past twelve months.

Original Birdman movie costume
First up is the fantastic 'Birdman' costume from the film of the same name starring Michael Keaton and designed by legendary Costume Designer Albert Wolsky.

Be sure to check out this original Birdman movie costume in more detail that was on display in all its glory at my local comic shop, Golden Apple Comics on Melrose Avenue, last December.

This is the Halloween costume I would personally choose to wear if I wasn't flying to New York to run the marathon this year.

Captain America
Captain America movie costume Avengers Age of Ultron
Next up is Chris Evan's patriotic 'Captain America' uniform from the Avengers sequel (updated by Alexandra Byrne), that I spied on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema in April this year.

If you're a huge Marvel Comics fan like me, you should check out these cool 'Hawkeye', 'Thor', 'Quicksilver' and 'Nick Fury' film costumes from Avengers: Age of Ultron on display too.

Ant-Man movie costume
Speaking of Marvel and another super-hero bursting onto cinema screens in a big (or is that small) way this Summer, was 'Ant-Man'.

Paul Rudd's cool Ant-Man suit, designed by Sammy Sheldon, was spotted on display at ArcLight Hollywood in June this year, plus later out of its reflective case at Disney's D23 Fan Expo.

Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses the Great
Exodus Gods Kings Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses costume
Joel Edgerton may have been making waves recently in his directorial debut, The Gift, and in Black Mass alongside Johnny Depp, but at the end of last year he was playing the great 'Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses' in Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings.

This regal golden armour designed by Oscar-winner Janty Yates is spectacular and was photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood in November 2014.

If you like this ensemble, be sure to take a look at Christian Bale's Moses costume from Exodus: Gods and Kings too.

Into The Woods The Wolf
Johnny Depp Into the Woods Wolf costume
And speaking of Johnny Depp, maybe his zoot-suit wearing 'Wolf' character from Disney's Into the Woods musical will inspire your Halloween look this year.

If this Colleen Atwood designed outfit on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre is not for you, maybe you should check out Johnny Depp's movie costumes from Alice in Wonderland, The Lone Ranger, Public Enemies and Pirates of the Caribbean instead.

Cinderella's Prince Charming
Prince Charming costume Cinderella
If fantasy fairytales are your thing, then maybe Richard Madden's 'Prince Charming' costume from the live-action version of Cinderella will be the dashing look you're searching for.

Plus for another Prince Charming outfit idea, be sure to check out these Once Upon a Time TV costumes and Into the Woods movie costumes.

Twelfth Doctor Who
Twelfth Doctor Who costume
If you enjoy traveling through time and space (are just watching his adventures), maybe the signature look of Peter Capaldi's 'Twelfth Doctor' would be your cup of tea this Halloween.

If Howard Burden's design for the latest regeneration of the Time Lord is not your favourite, then maybe past incarnations of Doctor Who would be more your taste.

Personally I always think Tom Baker's iconic Fourth Doctor multicoloured scarf look is the most memorable.

Peter Pan Live's Captain Hook
Peter Pan Live Captain Hook costume
From misadventures through the cosmos to adventures on the high sea, and if you want to release your inner pirate this Halloween, then maybe this classic 'Captain Hook' costume designed by Catherine Zuber and worn by Christopher Walken in the Peter Pan Live! musical special is the swashbuckling outfit for you.

Jamie Fraser Highlander costume from Outlander
Outlander Jamie Fraser costume
If you're a fan of Starz Outlander series and want to romance the ladies this Halloween, then maybe you should try out some tartan and an 18th century Scottish Highlands look this year.

Terry Dresbach is Series Costume Designer and responsible for Sam Heughan's 'Jamie Fraser' kilted outfit, plus these either Outlander season one costumes, which will also provide more historic military costume ideas.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Finn costume
Star Wars Force Awakens Finn movie costume
And last, but by no means least, is John Boyega's 'Finn' costume from the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It goes without saying that there'll be many Stormtroopers and classic Star Wars heroes and villains walking the streets trick or treating this Halloween. And now we have a whole new collection of characters and costumes to choose from (and I'm sure 'Kylo Ren' will be a firm favourite soon).

Michael Kaplan's new designs really have that lived-in Star Wars universe feel to them, looking fresh and original, but also as if they belong to that unique galaxy, far, far away.

Guys, if you're still struggling for ideas, then be sure to also check out these ten costumes inspired by last year's movies and TV show exhibits, plus more from Halloween 2013 and 2012 from the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, comic books and history.

Whether you decide to make your own, or buy your outfit from a store, have fun and happy hauntings.

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