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Tenth Doctor Who Companion costumes on display...

With excitement growing for the fiftieth anniversary celebrations for the legendary British sci-fi series Doctor Who, I couldn't help but share more costumes on display at the Doctor Who Experience exhibit in Cardiff Bay, Wales on May 20, 2013, this time some of the signature looks sported by the traveling Companions of the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).

Original Companion Doctor Who costumes on display
Doctor Who Companion costumes
Tenth Doctor Who Companion costumes
Doctor Who Companion costume exhibit
Doctor Who Companion costumes
The space-time traveling Doctor may be the enigmatic star of the show and he may cross paths with all manner of extra-terrestrial and otherworldly creatures, but his interactions and relationships with his various Companions have kept the series vital and compelling all these years, no more so than in the time since Doctor Who's revival in 2005.

Rose Tyler costume worn by Billie Piper in Doctor Who
Billie Piper Rose Tyler Doctor Who season 4 costume
Original Rose Tyler Doctor Who costume
Not only did we get introduced to a whole new Time Lord in 2005, but we also got to meet a new Companion in the form of Billie Piper's late teenage 'Rose Tyler', a shop worker who lived on a London council estate with her mother. After rescuing her, the Doctor took her on adventures to the stars, the past and the future and they formed one of the closest bonds ever, especially when the Gallifreyan Doctor regenerated into his Tenth incarnation.

Rose wore this particular outfit when she returned from the parallel Earth to help the Doctor and Donna in the fourth season.

Captain Jack Harkness costume worn by John Barrowman 
in Doctor Who
Captain Jack Harkness Doctor Who signature costume
John Barrowman Captain Jack Harkness Doctor Who costume
The Doctor and Rose first met handsome Time Agent 'Captain Jack Harkness' in 2005's 'The Empty Child'. Killed by the Daleks and resurrected by the Time Vortex, Captain Jack found himself to be immortal. The flirtatious and promiscuous bisexual (and totally unapologetic for it) Jack soon became leader of the Cardiff-based Torchwood, chasing alien threats in his instantly recognizable signature World War II military greatcoat.

Martha Jones costume worn by Freema Agyeman in Doctor Who
Original Freema Agyeman Martha Jones Doctor Who costume
Martha Jones Doctor Who signature season 3 costume
I always thought the Doctor's second female Companion of the revival series got a raw deal, especially following so soon after the departure of the incredibly popular Rose Tyler, but I liked Freema Agyeman's trainee doctor 'Martha Jones' in the third season and beyond.

And casting comedienne Catherine Tate as the Doctor's fourth season Companion really shouldn't have worked. A Christmas special like The Runaway Bride in 2006 is one thing, but a whole season of "Am I bovvered" could have been too much.

Donna Noble costume worn by Catherine Tate in Doctor Who
Donna Noble Doctor Who season 4 costume
Catherine Tate Donna Noble Doctor Who costume
Original Donna Noble Doctor Who costume
However, I find myself watching season four again (for the first time accompanied by my husband, no less) and I think that 'Donna Noble' may just be my all time favourite Companion. Maybe it's the fact that we have both lived in Chiswick, or maybe it's just the undeniable chemistry between the actress and David Tennant that makes their travels shine more than most, but she certainly gets my vote.

If you love these outfits, be sure to also check out the costume worn by one of the Doctor's longest serving Companions, Sarah Jane Smith and K-9, plus the costumes worn by Amy and Rory as the Eleventh Doctor Who's married Companions.

Stick around in the days to come as there are more Doctor Who costumes, props and sets to come as we get closer to the anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

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