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Sci-fi costumes from TV's Defiance on display...

Syfy's science fiction western themed TV drama, Defiance, ran for three seasons from 2013 to 2015. Set in the post-apocalytpic Earth of 2046 which has been radically transformed with the arrival of a variety of extraterrestrial races, collectively called Votans, whose terraforming technology changed the geology, flora and fauna of the world. Defiance is a town built on the remains of St. Louis, Missouri, where humans and aliens try to coexist.

Original Defiance TV costumes
Defiance TV costume exhibit
Defiance TV costumes
Defiance Syfy costumes
Defiance TV costumes
Original Defiance TV costumes
This collection of futuristic costumes from the show's final season, designed by Simonetta Mariano and Assistant Costume Designers Eugenie Clermont and Madeleine Stewart, were photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum on August 9, 2016. These are the kind of outlandish sci-fi costumes I love seeing in person.

Defiance season 1 TV billboard
Defiance season 1 billboard
In the series Stephanie Leonidas plays 'Irisa Nyira', from the alien Irathients species, who was adopted as a girl by Defiance's human Chief Lawkeeper 'Joshua Nolan' (played by Grant Bowler), and she is his deputy.

Irisa costume worn by Stephanie Leonidas in Defiance
Irisa Nyira costume Defiance
Irisa Defiance costume
Defiance Irisa costume
Stephanie Leonidas Defiance Irisa costume
The top-hatted 'Sukar' is an Irithient male who is leader of the raider biker gang, the Spirit Riders, and is played by Noah Danby in the series. This outlandish outfit, which seems like some kind of steampunk and highlander mashup, appears to be missing some driving goggles though.

Sukar costume worn by Noah Danby in Defiance
Sukar Defiance TV costume
Sukar Defiance costume
Noah Danby Defiance Sukar costume
Defiance Sukar costume
Noah Danby Defiance Sukar costume
Lee Regesen's 'General Rahm Tak' was the main villain in the show's third season and he is a ruthless human-hating military leader from the Castithan race in the Votanis Collective (made up by the seven different alien races who escaped to Earth when their sun exploded).

General Rahm Tak costume worn by Lee Tergesen in Defiance
General Rahm Tak costume Defiance
General Rahm Tak Defiance costume
Jaime Murray's scheming 'Stahma Tarr' is Defiance's answer to a sexy alien Lady Macbeth and is a member of the aristocratic, pale-skinned Castithan alien species.

Stahma Tarr costume worn by Jaime Murray in Defiance
Jaime Murray Defiance Stahma Tarr costume
Stahma Tarr Defiance costume
Defiance Stahma Tarr costume
Defiance Stahma Tarr costume
For some reason her costume reminds me of Yvonne De Carlo's vampiric 'Lily Munster' look.

And finally this costume below is worn by Conrad Coates as 'T'evgin', the leader of an eighth alien race, the Omec, who were once the overlords of the other seven races before they fled to Earth from their dying universe.

T'evgin costume worn by Conrad Coates in Defiance
Conrad Coates Defiance T'evgin costume
Defiance T'evgin costume
Defiance T evgin costume
Defiance T evgin costume detail
T evgin costume Defiance
Fans of the Syfy show can still see for themselves these costumes at the free FIDM Museum exhibit which is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm until October 15, 2016.

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Defiance series launch TV billboard
Defiance series launch billboard
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