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Spacesuits from Doctor Who's Listen and Kill the Moon episodes...

Fans of Doctor Who will have become quite familiar with these orange Sanctuary Base 6 spacesuits from the show's revival era, which first appeared 2006's 'The Impossible Planet' and have popped up in subsequent stories where the need arose, like 'The Waters of Mars'. In this instance this spacesuit is not from 'Kill the Moon' as you'd at first suspect with the accompanying alien spider creature and other spacesuit from that season eight episode on display, but is in fact from 'Listen' and worn by Samuel Anderson as astronaut 'Orson Pink'.

Original spacesuit costumes from Doctor Who
Doctor Who Spacesuit costumes
Doctor Who Spacesuit costumes
Doctor Who Kill the Moon spider prop
Doctor Who spacesuits exhibit
These costumes from the beloved British sci-fi show were spied on display at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay, Wales on April 20, 2015.

Doctor Who Listen TV poster
Doctor Who Listen retro poster
Colonel Orson Pink was an astronaut in the 22nd century and suggested descendant of 'Danny Pink', a former soldier and maths teacher from the 21st century.

SB6 spacesuit worn by Samuel Anderson as Orson Pink
in Doctor Who's Listen
Orson Pink spacesuit Doctor Who Listen
Kill the Moon spider germ prop
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Ellis George also wore similar orange spacesuits (without the SB6 badge) as the 'Twelfth Doctor', his Companion 'Clara Oswald' and Coal Hill schoolgirl 'Courtney Woods' in 'Kill the Moon', which featured giant spider-like aliens infesting Earth's Moon in 2049.

I think that this other spacesuit (which seems to be missing a gadget on the left hand side) belongs to the human 'Captain Lundvik' (played by Hermione Norris), who was sent with her crew of two to blow up the moon before its gravity destroyed Earth.

Spacesuit worn by Hermione Norris as Captain Lundvik
in Doctor Who's Kill the Moon
Captain Lundvik spacesuit Doctor Who Kill the Moon
Captain Lundvik spacesuit Doctor Who Kill the Moon
For more cool spacesuits, be sure to check out Tom Hanks NASA spacesuit from Apollo 13Anne Hathaway's astronaut suit from Interstellar and an original spacesuit from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Doctor Who Kill the Moon TV poster
Doctor Who Kill the Moon retro poster
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