Monday, October 13, 2014

New costume and prop delights on display at Universal Studios Hollywood in October 2014...

The last time I visited Universal Studios Hollywood's costume and prop archive exhibit was back in April earlier this year and I'm glad I waited this long to return as even though there are lots of new artifacts on display, there were many authentic costumes, props and models I'd seen before.

Latest movie and TV treasures from Universal Studios vaults
Universal Studios Hollywood costume prop exhibit
NBC Universal Experience costume prop attraction
The attraction still has plenty to see from the small and big screen though, from classic and contemporary movies, popular TV shows, and memorabilia from every genre from fantasy to sci-fi, comedy to stop-motion animation, biopics to period dramas.

Jacket worn by Don Knotts as Abner Audubon Peacock IV 
in 1969's The Love God?
Don Knotts The Love God jacket
One featured classic was the jacket worn by Don Knotts as 'Abner Audubon Peacock IV' in the 1969 comedy The Love God? designed by Helen Colvig, on display alongside costumes from TV's Warehouse 13 and Simon Pegg's film costume from The World's End.

Suit worn by Chadwick Boseman 
as James Brown in Get On Up
Chadwick Boseman James Brown Get On Up movie ocstume
This Summer Chadwick Boseman brought the James Brown biopic, Get On Up, to the big screen and this suit designed by Sharen Davis was on display from the movie about the iconic Godfather of Soul.

If you're a fan of the hardest working man in show business, be sure to also check out this preacher costume worn by the actual James Brown in The Blues Brothers that was previously on display at this ever-changing exhibit.

Newspaper prop from TV's Psych
Psych newspaper prop
Psych Santa Barbara Courier newspaper prop
Sometimes you forget about the minutiae of detail that goes into making a TV show or movie, little things like shop signs, customised license plates and credit cards, just like this Santa Barbara Courier printed newspaper prop from TV's detective comedy-drama show, Psych, and its season four episode, 'The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn episode'.

If you're a fan of the series which ran for eight seasons until earlier this year, be sure to also check out these original costumes worn by James Roday and Dulé Hill in Psych.

Chore wheel prop and costume worn by Steve Carell 
as Michael Scott in The Office
Steve Carell The Office Michael Scott costume
Steve Carell Michael Scott costume Chore Wheel prop The Office
Steve Carell The Office costume Chore Wheel prop
Another fan favourite show represented at the exhibit was the U.S. version of The Office, which starred Steve Carell as 'Michael Scott', a manager at a fictional paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

This is the outfit the actor wore in the fifth season episode 'Company Picnic' and the fun 'Chore Wheel' prop from the season nine episode, 'Roy's Wedding'.

If you're a fan of the faux documentary comedy series, be sure to also check out these other costumes and props that featured in The Office on display on previous visits.

Stay tuned for even more new cinematic and televisual finds from my visit on October 9, 2014, including:

Original movie costumes from 47 Ronin
Mary Tyler Moore's dress from 1967's Throughly Modern Millie
Russell Crowe's boxing outfit from Cinderella Man
Film costume and props used by Jennifer Lopez in Out Of Sight
Tim Roth's movie costume from The Musketeer

Plus don't forget to check out all these stop-motion animation concept sketches, puppets and sets from The Boxtrolls which were also showcased at the NBC Universal Experience exhibit.

And if you do visit the L.A. theme park don't forget to stop by in between riding all the simulators and rollercoasters and enjoy all these fantastic bits of history from the world of cinema and TV on display.

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