Thursday, July 16, 2009

Animation maquettes for the Curious George movie...

On display at Universal Studios Hollywood you can see animation maquettes from the 2006 animated movie Curious George (towards the bottom left of the picture).

Curious George animation maquettes
Curious George 2006 animation maquettes

Curious George teaser movie poster
Curious George teaser movie poster
Interestingly, in addition to the 2006 movie, there was also an unreleased live-action movie planned for 1998 and these are the pre-production maquettes for Curious George and how he would have looked.

Pre-production maquettes for never released 
live-action version of Curious George
Curious George pre-production maquetteCurious George head maquette
Curious George monkey head model

Curious George movie poster
Curious George movie poster
This animation models were photographed on July 16, 2009 at The Universal Experience Museum attraction.

Curious George pre-production maquettes from the 
1998 unreleased film and 2006 animated movie 
Curious George pre-production maquettes
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