Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sylvester Stallone Demolition Man life-size CryoPrison dummy...

In the 1993 sci-fi action movie Demolition Man, Sylvester Stallone stars as LAPD Sergeant 'John Spartan' who is cryogenically frozen in 1996 and revived in the dystopian world of 2032 to capture a violent criminal.
Sylvester Stallone life-size model from Demolition Man
Sylvester Stallone Demolition Man movie dummy
Sylvester Stallone Demolition Man cryo propSylvester Stallone Demolition Man dummy
Sylvester Stallone cryo dummy Demolition Man
Of all the costumes and props on display at Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas, this almost nude replica of Sylvester Stallone is probably one of the coolest and is pretty realistic, even down to the armpit hair. It was used in the movie to portray his character in a frozen state in CryoPrison.
Naked Sylvester Stallone replica Demolition ManSylvester Stallone Demolition Man cryo modelSylvester Stallone Demolition Man lifelike model
To find Mr. Stallone's body double, just look up to see him suspended from the ceiling of the second floor of the movie-themed restaurant, where this lifelike dummy was photographed on April 7, 2011.
Demolition Man movie poster
Demolition Man movie poster
Sylvester Stallone was one of the big movie action heroes of the 90's and his other film credits include The Specialist and Cliffhanger.
Prop dynamite featured in The Specialist
The Specialist movie prop dynamite
Stallone stars alongside Sharon Stone in 1994's The Specialist and plays a bomb expert who takes on the mafia. This is some prop dynamite, complete with electronic timer, used in the making of the movie.
The Specialist movie poster
The Specialist movie posterIn 1993's box office smash Cliffhanger, he plays an expert mountain climber and rescue worker who becomes entangled in a U.S. Treasury heist gone wrong in the Rocky Mountains.
Kicker puppet of Sylvester Stallone from Cliffhanger
Cliffhanger Sylvester Stallone kicker puppet
In the action movie this small scale puppet of Sylvester Stallone was used when 'Gabe Walker' is hanging from a wire-cable ladder and trying to get back on to the rescue helicopter skids. Apparently, the 'kicker puppet' comes with a tiny motor inside the torso to make the legs kick back and forth.
Cliffhanger movie poster
Cliffhanger movie poster


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