Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Werewolf animatronic from The Wolfman movie...

Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt star in the 2010 remake of the 1941 horror classic The Wolfman. This version set in 1891 England obviously boasts more advanced special effects than the original, like this animatronic werewolf of Anthony Hopkins transformation of his character 'Sir John Talbot' to the infamous lycanthrope.

Werewolf animatronic from The Wolfman
on display at Universal Studios Hollywood
Animatronic Werewolf The Wolfman movie
The Wolfman film animatronic werewolf
The Wolfman movie animatronic werewolf
Rick Baker was responsible for the gory special make-up effects on the movie (you may also know his work from the cult classic An American Werewolf in London).

The Wolfman movie billboard
The Wolfman movie billboard
Also on display as part of the exhibit at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 21, 2010 were these prosthetic hairy werewolf arms and claws, plus facial appliances worn by Anthony Hopkins in the movie.

The Wolfman special effects prosthetics and masks on display
The Wolfman movie werewolf prostheticsThe Wolfman movie prosthetic werewolf arms
The Wolfman movie Anthony Hopkins mask

The Wolfman movie poster
Werewolf Wolfman movie poster
The level of detail in this animatronic werewolf is amazing to see up close (even if it is behind a protective window) and it's also interesting to see all the tubes and wires behind the creature that obviously brings the classic monster to life.

Original animatronic werewolf from The Wolfman
Werewolf special effects The Wolfman movieThe Wolfman movie werewolfThe Wolfman movie animatronic werewolf
If you like this movie, stay tuned in the future for some original movie costumes from The Wolfman on display.

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